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  • I be chillin
    First steps of our adventure!!!


  • Portal Arizona
    Come explore one of the seven wonders of the world

New Mexico

  • The_cavern_carlsbadnm_574
    Carlsbad Caverns and Sunsets


  • Stephanie
    Spring Break In Padre Islands and much more!


  • Rembrandt Studio Camera
    Museum Photos

Honor Those Who Honor Us!

  • Hurricane Rita, Louisiana
    I choose to honor those who honor us, we wouldn't be safe with out them so to show appreciation to all the Soldiers, law enforcement officers, and my favorite the fire fighters. Thank you all for risking your lives for ours.

Bill on his bike

  • Photos_144
    If you want to learn how Bill can afford this, Visit his web site at

Data Driven Investing

  • Data Driven Investing

Portraits for the Album

  • Madison
    Family Photo's , Baby Photo's, and Fun Photo's! I dedicate This section to My friends and Family!!!


  • Minnesota_275
    The final days have come n gone!!

Chicago, IL

  • The girls on the train!
    A day In the city, I love the footage I've taken here so check it out!!!

Nashville, TN

  • Fun People at the Stage
    From Scenery shots to fun with the bands, you don't want to miss a single photo!

Savannah, GA

  • Savannah_102
    Very Beautiful and full of life! Spring time in Savannah!

St. Augustine, FL

  • St. Augustine!
    See Fort Castillo De San Marcos, and lots of fun attractions we got to induldge in!

Daytona Beach, FL

  • Tiki Bill & Sherry
    New friends, New kind of fun!!!

Panama City Beach, FL

  • Island Time
    Spring Break "06" And the adventure keeps on going!!!

New Orleans

  • Leaving New Orleans =0(
    - Best week ever! - See the disaster, Feel the fun! - A place you'll never forget and forever cherish!

West coast Animals

  • Sea_world_
    I've seen alot of wild life, Enter here for a tour of just what I got to see...

Hiking in Silver Spring with my Little Sister

  • Bill Steph and I
    Pictures of our hike and My Sisters...... Family Fun!!!!!!

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